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Rambles,Rumbles and Roars. All day to day events and occurence's in relation to my art.

A day project about three shapes; Circle, square & Triangle. We had to recreate them or do something different with those shapes. My outcome was formed on the idea that a political party can referred to by a shape. This started from hearing the conservative party being called squares, from that i tried to decide what shapes the other two parties would be. I drew onto the back of each photograph and then lightly carved the outline of the shape, making a raised surface on the shiny side. The piece became tactile and was compared to snake skin which clearly fitted the topic of politicians.

A piece based on cotton buds. I went around to iconic locations in London and took swabs from the areas, to then grown the mould on growth cultures. Strangely enough the security at these places aren’t keen on you taking swabs. I in total did over thirty swabs, but these locations were chosen out of those grown due to them being the most interesting.  I’m really proud of this piece and was strangely proud when my growth cultures began to form mould. 

So last half term with college i went to Amsterdam & while there we visited the Stedelijk museum which is a really cool gallery. We mainly visited the museum to see the Mike Kelley exhibit of work, i had never heard of him before the exhibit of his work but it was just crazy….my kind of crazy. So that was really cool, i suggest you check him out….but you all have probably heard of him as you all know more than me. Anyway these are some pictures my friend took, as while in galleries i hate taking pictures as i prefer to look and wander rather than photograph and wander. Pointlessly none of these apart from the bottom right are by Mike Kelley but are a collection of other artists work that we saw while at the museum. I’m sure at a later date i will find out who did what and write about why i like it, this will do for now as i haven’t posted in ages.

If your interested in other things we did while in Amsterdam, let me know and i may do a post about it…..if i remember.

Moonrise Kingdom

As i’m such a bad blogger/tumblr artist person and haven’t written about my thoughts on Moonrise Kingdom here is a substitute for it. An article in the online mag ‘Its Nice That’ about the film and the direction given by Wes Anderson. Brilliant photographs and sketches of his vision. Hope this makes up for me not posting as often, if it doesn’t feel free to throw some sort of object at me. 

I feel like i over edit and over think about things i post on here, thus my lack of constant posts. That plus the fact its coming up to interviews for uni so i’d rather not post all my best work on here for a cheeky sod to then claim as their own. However these are just some quick snaps i took on my iphone on the way home from college today along the seafront. I really like’d the grey & blue tones, shame that the imagery is blury due to train movement. 

I only recently discovered and watched ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ but it was brilliant, bought on a whim without watching the trailer and i loved it straight away!! It looks beautiful, a photograph a minute. Great story of young love. (Hope to do a more detailed post tomorrow)

I only recently discovered and watched ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ but it was brilliant, bought on a whim without watching the trailer and i loved it straight away!! It looks beautiful, a photograph a minute. Great story of young love. (Hope to do a more detailed post tomorrow)

(Source: cinyma)

*Please ignore the bad quality of my scanner, i should of cleaned it before scanning in my favourite pages.

Sorry i’ve been absent again, i’ve lost the knack for constant posts on here. Though to be honest all i’ve been doing over the holidays is bust a ball for portfolio time…scary stuff. In between the ball busting and festive family fun time i had a little break to read ‘Oh comely keep your curiosity sacred’(Continuing to share the creative love) I only came across it while in a shop buying maps, and had a flick through and thought it looked new and different. 

I was  right this art magazine is very different from the ones i read late last year, those are full in your face pure art. Whereas oh comely is more crafts and illustration but is beautifully laid out with great random content. Such as their favourite light bulbs, a pen race over the pages & playing hide and seek in public places. With fan mail, music and recipes thrown in as well. Each piece just fits so well with one another, its very comforting. I love other art mags and find them inspiring but sometimes it makes me feel slightly intimidated, whereas this is just a comfortable  relaxed easy read that has me inspired minus the intimidation. Its  quirky and you can tell that those that work on the magazine are having fun from the content they produce, its light hearted..i dont know of any other magazines to write about their favourite light bulbs!! (Pure genius) 

The layout of the magazine is very white, crisp and clean with lots of space. Nothing is fighting for attention on the page, even the brief double page of fashion is photographed beautiful minus the pouty model. I find it to be different and refreshing, quietly confident knowing of its place in the world. I would recommend this magazine to anyone who is even the slightest bit quirky or artistic, aimed at women but still worth a look for the photography and illustrations. 

(All images and pages shown belong to oh comely magazine & those working in conjunction with them!)

These are some stills from one of my earliest projects this year called ‘one minute’ i licked varying lengths of tape used to secure silk screens. So i’m not sure it was the healthiest option but it was fun. Varying lengths all accomplished in under the one minute time limit. This idea came about by me wanting to create a info graphics piece in reference to the one minute brief by seeing how many stamps i could lick in that time frame.  However it was suggested that i use the silk screen tape as its free from college and lots of it. I did several lengths spanning the width of the class room to the length of my living room. I may put the video up at some point. I think in total i licked over 3 metre’s of tape!