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So last half term with college i went to Amsterdam & while there we visited the Stedelijk museum which is a really cool gallery. We mainly visited the museum to see the Mike Kelley exhibit of work, i had never heard of him before the exhibit of his work but it was just crazy….my kind of crazy. So that was really cool, i suggest you check him out….but you all have probably heard of him as you all know more than me. Anyway these are some pictures my friend took, as while in galleries i hate taking pictures as i prefer to look and wander rather than photograph and wander. Pointlessly none of these apart from the bottom right are by Mike Kelley but are a collection of other artists work that we saw while at the museum. I’m sure at a later date i will find out who did what and write about why i like it, this will do for now as i haven’t posted in ages.

If your interested in other things we did while in Amsterdam, let me know and i may do a post about it…..if i remember.

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